Put Your Faith in Jesus

By Billy Graham

How Can I Have Faith in Something I Don’t Know Exists?

Q: I have a lot of questions about God, but my aunt tells me not to think about them and just have faith. But how can I have faith in something, when I don’t even know if it exists? — C.S.

A: If faith were simply a blind leap in the dark (as some have described it), then you’d be right; you’d have no reason to take that leap.   But true faith, the kind of faith the Bible urges us to have, isn’t like this. True faith is not a blind leap in the dark, with no reason or evidence to support it. Instead, our faith is in the living God, and He has given us all the evidence we’ll ever need to show us He is real and worthy of our faith and trust.   God has not hidden Himself from us; all around us we see evidence of His existence. Look, for example, at the worlds He created. Did this amazing universe just happen by chance? Not at all; it would take far more faith to believe that, than to believe God created it. As the Bible says, “Since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made” (Romans 1:20).   But God revealed Himself to us in a far greater and more personal way: by coming down from heaven and walking among us in the person of Jesus Christ. Do you want to know what God is like? Look at Jesus Christ, for He was God in human flesh. And when you see Him as He really is, you’ll realize not only that God exists, but that He loves you, and He is worthy of your complete faith and trust and commitment.


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Thoughts on Grace

Grace – Gods Riches at Christ’s Expense

Grace – God’s undeserved and unmerited favor

You are pulled over for speeding. You are guilty. The officer lets you go with a warning – that’s mercy. But if the officer gives you a ticket and then gives you the money to pay for it – that’s grace.

No matter how hard we try we will fail. Grace is God’s solution for our imperfection and not our rebellion.

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