The Gospel of Matthew


Some thoughts on overcoming anger

Matthew 26:1-16

Peace: the calm assurance that what God is doing is best

  1. The beginnings of betrayal

Matthew 26:1-13

  1. The act of betrayal

Matthew 26:14-16

It began in his heart – James 1:13-15

It started small – John 12:4-6

It ended “out of control” – Matthew 27:3-5

Simon the leper was healed, the woman was Mary (John 12:3), the sister of Martha and Lazarus

Matthew 26:8 – indignant

– angry with

– a state of strong opposition and displeasure

Unhappy with Jesus, unhappy with GOD

I disagree, I’m disappointed – the opposite of peace


  • Mary, the woman – eyes on Christ


The cost of true worship

  • Judas – eyes on the money


The greed of false compassion

  • Chief priests and elders – eyes on tradition/their view of religion


The hypocrisy of empty ritual

  • The chief priests and elders

– we want to kill Jesus

  • Judas

– I want to get from Jesus

  • Mary

– I want to love and worship Jesus

What if I’m disappointed or angry with God?

Mike Philips – Questions to ask in life’s difficult moments

Depression: Who am I really angry at?

Anxiety: What do I think my planning will change

Paranoia: What can I verify as being totally real right now?

Loneliness: Who can I show love to?

Overcoming Anger

Anger is fueled by other emotions and factors such as fear, guilt, shame or pride: a sense of lacking control. Anger can be a control mechanism

Ephesians 4:22-24

Put on, put off, be renewed. All three!

Ephesians 4:26-27

Be angry and do not sin – put off the yelling, the hurtful words, the bullying, the sudden flash of emotions

Do not let the sun go down on your anger – put on reconciliation, forgiveness, kindness (stretch out passion), self control

Give no opportunity to the devil – be renewed – understand this as no one less than satan trying to divide and destroy. You are not helping you are hurting. You are not doing God’s will but the devil’s.

Proverbs 19:3

James 1:20


How Does Jesus Feel about Hypocrites?

Matthew 23:13-36

From what I read on the internet, everyone hates hypocrites. And if you do a search on Google, the number one group accused of being hypocrites are Christians. Not politicians, not other religious groups. Christians. It flows so easily: Christians are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites.

But what exactly is a hypocrite? Is it the inability to achieve perfection? If a surgeon attempts life saving surgery but fails to save the life of the patient, is she a hypocrite?



What Does It Take to “Make”?

What do the following three verses have in common? (Just hover over the verse to read it)

Matthew 4:19

Matthew 23:15

Matthew 28:19


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